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Student Support Sessions

ATMC has scoured the globe to convene a stellar lineup of inspiring speakers, industry leaders and subject matter experts for an online series available exclusively to ATMC students. Ease into your day with a mindfulness session and then lock yourself in for inspiring and interactive discussions with leading global entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Take a look at the lineup below joining us live from the USA, India, New Zealand and Australia.

Login to ATMC Microsoft Teams for the program schedule in the “Student Support” folder. 

Mental Strength
with Simi Arora - USA
Tuesdays  & Fridays 8am - 9am

Simi AroraSimi Arora is an established Life coach and Yoga teacher from New York, USA, whose mission is to help people unleash their truest power to create growth mindset, emotional resilience and joy in their lives. Simi works globally with professionals, corporates and educational institutions.  Her powerful content on mental health awareness, mindset and holistic well-being is thoroughly appreciated and shared on various platforms.Visit her website https://simiarora.com/ to find out more about her program.

This session covers:

  • Meditation, Mindfulness and Breathwork 🧘
  • Understand the importance of cultivating positive attitude during challenging times
  • Five Powerful Insights to remember and apply in daily life
  • Understand and manage your emotions effectively 
  • Practical Tips & Tools for building a positive mindset
  • Weekly Fun Challenge 

 Join on MS Teams: https://bit.ly/3dZM9oI 

Digital Media
Zahra Rezaei Salarnia - New Zealand
Wednesdays 12 noon - 1pm

Zahra Salarnia is a VFX artist and educator currently working as a digital media lecturer at ATMC New Zealand. She has been in the visual effect and animation industry for over a decade and has broad experience in VFX post-production for film and animation. Her ATMC profile page is https://atmc.ac.nz/team/zahra-salarnia/Zahra has designed a series of online sessions for ATMC students that will help anyone interested in using Digital Media as a hobby or as a professional. This will be a hands-on course and you will learn about the film and animation industry and the potential to explore employment opportunities in all its facets. 

Join the webinar at MS Teams here >

Fast-track your Future with English
Gail Robinson - Australia  | Shikha Handoo - India
Coming soon!

Shikha Handoo

In this series of online sessions, moderated by ATMC India specialist Shikha Handoo, you’ll learn from highly qualified and experienced teachers from ATMC English in Australia.  Gail Robinson, ATMC’s Head of English in Australia will lead a team of three skilled teachers who will bring you out of your shell and equip you with the right communication tools to fast-track your professional future. 


Finance & Entrepreneurship
Dhiraj Gupta - USA
Thursdays 8am to 9am

Dhiraj GuptaBased in USA, Dhiraj Gupta has over 18 years of diverse global Acquisition, Management, Operations and People leadership experience across North America, APAC and EMEA. He has immense expertise in strategic customer operational Engagement, Enablement and Expansions leading to top line and bottom-line growth of organization. Prior to working at ATMC as the COO- North America, EMEA & LATAM region, he has worked with MNCs like American Express and Metlife. Visit his Linkedin profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhiraj-gupta-a28894/

Dhiraj has woven his wide experience in the corporate sector to deliver a truly rich course with an eclectic mix of topics like Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Identifying and evaluating an opportunity, Building a business and Financing a business that will surely help you realize your dream of starting up on your own. He will also touch upon a few tips of managing your own finances properly.

Jobs & Careers
Dheeraj Gupta and senior HR professionals
Wednesdays 8am-9am

Interviews and career progressionDhiraj Gupta, once again, has volunteered to deliver an in-demand skills training program. Become fully prepared for career-making moments including: interviews, professional networking and career progression opportunities.  Dhiraj will cover: preparing your resume and cover letter, searching for jobs, identifying industry trends and navigating face-to-face and video interviews. Dhiraj's sessions will also include guest speakers who will reveal the qualities and skills hiring managers and industry look for in a candidate. 

Industry Interaction
Global Entrepreneurs and Professionals
Coming soon! 

Chat show with movers and shakersATMC brings you the interactive sessions with professionals from across the world to talk to you about their stories-of successes and failures. We draw upon our own wide networks of friends and colleagues to make the best use of this quarantine time to get inspired from their experience. We will cover all domains of industry including non-profits, IT, FMCG etc and will invite speakers from all backgrounds to keep you motivated. These sessions will be in the format of “Chat shows” and the guests will take live questions from you.  

Games and Recreation
Coming soon! 

Finally, we understand the idiom “All work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) a dull boy (or girl)”! To bring some cheer and  some social time with the ATMC community, we will be working on delivering online games and other forms of recreation, right to your laptop! Stay tuned for more excitement!



All of these sessions will be a part of your Teams dashboard. You only need to login to get enriched! Keep an eye on the “Student Support” box in your Teams account to know the schedule of these sessions.