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Course Information
Course Name Australian Computer Society Professional Year Program Melbourne
Duration (Part Time) N/A
Duration (Full Time) 44 Weeks
2019 Course Fees $12,600
Intake Dates Every second Sunday from June through November
University ATMC Professional Year Program
Campus Professional Year Program
Faculty Professional Year


The 2015 proposed schedule for the ACS PY program at the ATMC Melbourne is for class starting on:

  • April: Wednesday 20 and Saturday 30 May
  • May: Sunday 01, Wednesday 11, Saturday 14, Sunday 15, Wednesday 25, Saturday 28, Sunday 29
  • June: Saturday 04, Wednesday 08, Sunday 19, Wednesday 29, Saturday 25. 

The ACS Professional Year (ACS PY) program consists of the following four components:

  • Communications and Performance in the Australian Workplace
  • Entry and Advancement in the Australian Workplace
  • Internship
  • Professional Environments (PE Online, provided by the ACS).

Classroom based Training and Workshops

There are 2 units delivered over 250 contact hours by the ATMC. The classes will be of about 8 to 9 hours once per week.

a) Communications and Performance in the Australian Workplace

ACS PY participants will be expected to attend meetings during their internship and in their first professional positions. Depending on the organisation they may be expected to organise meetings early in their careers.

The purpose of this unit is to ensure that participants feel comfortable joining and participating in meetings. The unit covers the administration side of organising meetings, expectations of meetings in Australia, behaviour and communication in meetings, language and roles.

b) Entry and Advancement in the Australian Workplace

The job descriptions of most ACS PY graduates will include communicating with customers (whether this is with internal or external customers). This requires a cultural sensitivity to be able to build rapport and ensure there is no miscommunication.

This unit requires participants to be able to communicate with internal and external customers. It also includes informal communication with team members. The purpose is to ensure that graduates can communicate effectively in customer facing roles as well as with colleagues.

The lecturer for the 2 units will be assigned from the cohort of more than 70 full and part time academic staff who are employed by the ATMC in Melbourne. All ATMC academic staff are highly trained and qualified, particularly in technology and/or business. The lecturers chosen to teach the ACS PY units will also have industry employment experience so that their strong personal understanding of the Australian workplace environment can be shared with the participants.

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