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Living expenses in Melbourne and Sydney


As a student visa holder, you will be required to have approximately AUD$20,290 per person per year for living expenses, as advised by the Australian Government.  However, the actual cost depends on your individual lifestyle and you should budget for approximately AUD$25,000 per year per adult.  Remember, your living expenses are separate from your tuition fees. To give you some more guidance on current living expenses, here are a few websites which will help you understand today’s market.


Melbourne is the second most expensive city in Australia, coming in just after

Sydney. However, for students who need to stick to a budget and a lowcost of living, there are plenty of opportunities to save money in the city, particularly when it comes to life’s 'nonessentials'. Here are a few websites which will help you further understand Melbourne’s living expenses.

In order to further understand the variance of living expenses between cities of AMTC locations, here is a great website to compare expenses between cities in Australia -