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Course Information
Course Name English for Academic Purposes (EAP 1 & 2)
ATMC Code 089219A
Duration (Part Time) N/A
Duration (Full Time) 24 weeks
2018 Course Fees 6,400
Intake Dates TBC
University ATMC VET Programs
Campus Sydney
Faculty English as an Additional Language (EAL)


ELICOS Intake dates 2017


English for Academic Purposes (EAP1 & 2) focuses instructions on skills required to perform in an English-speaking academic contexts across core subject areas generally encountered in a university/ college setting. It may also include a more narrow focus on the more specific linguistic demands of a particular area of study, for example business subjects. 

Our EAP course may be intended to raise students' general English levels so that they can enter a university/ college. 

EAP teaches vocabulary, grammar and the four skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking - including pronunciation - and Listening) 


Students who successfully complete the English for Academic Purposes (EAP 1&2) program can pursue their further study experience in an Australian university or college. 

Delivery and Assessment Methods 

Delivery methods include classroom based sessions with course book-based core lessons followed by skills extension lessons. Assessments include weekly Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing formative and summative assessments.

Course Structure/ Contents 

The course is structured to cover a range of skills required for academic study, including English language, critical analysis, academic orientation and oral and written genres. 

EAP 1: By the end of this level the learner can take part in extended conversations; write and understand most texts, including a simple essay; understand most of a TV programme, presentation or lecture, but not technical or theoretical information. 

EAP 2: By the end of this level the learner can take part in lengthy conversations and discussions; write and understand most text including formal, academic and professional documents; easily understand TV, plays, films, lectures and presentations. 

How to Apply 

Complete an Application Form - International Student that can be downloaded from the ATMC website. Return this application form to Level 10, 399 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia, or email to admissions@atmc.edu.au together with supporting documents.